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At TEFL Colombia, we are committed to ensuring the safety and health of our team, trainees and loved ones. We are taking the appropriate steps to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus known as SARs-CoV-2 and the disease it causes, COVID-19. This plan will be communicated clearly to all employees, in their preferred languages, with opportunities for them to give feedback. Because the future of the COVID-19 pandemic is uncertain and circumstances change frequently, we will continue to update this program to follow the education industry's best practices to prevent infection. 

Trainees that have booked the course and for whatever reason need to reschedule may do so at any time without any additional cost. 



Please click the button below to visit the WHO coronavirus disease dashboard for current information on COVID-19.


Repubic of Colombia

Please click the button below to visit the Colombian Ministry of Health Website for updated health recommendations for travelers.


Please review our biosecurity protocols as we are take compliance seriously. Any failure of compliance may result in the immediate expulsion from the course. For any questions or concerns please contact us directly.

Safety Protocol

  1. All persons must follow biosecurity protocols set forth by international, national, local and private guidelines.  

  2. All persons entering classrooms or transportation vehicles must have their temperatures taken and use antibacterial gel prior to entering. 

  3. All persons must wear facemasks at appropriate times as directed by the Head Trainer or TEFL Colombia staff.

  4. All persons exhibiting any signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must report to any TEFL Colombia staff and take appropriate measures.

Biosecurity Protocols

Daily life in Colombia during the pandemic.

Social precautions

  1. Everyone wears face masks and all establishments have signs insisting masks are required to enter the premises. 

  2. Everyone has their temperature taken before entering a public area. 

  3. Everyone must use the provided foot operated hand sanitizer before entering a public area. 

  4. All restaurants are only allowed to operate if outdoors and there is enough room for social distancing. 

  5. Many places require you to register your name, ID number and temperature when entering a public area. 

  6. Restaurants have discontinued using menus. All menus are now available through a QR code on each table.

  7. Domestic as well as International flight travelers' symptoms are tracked using CoronApp.

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