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A Year as High School Teacher

Hello internet!

Our team wasn't comfortable condoning international travel during a pandemic and decided to close shop for this year. It's always to be safe than to be sorry. ⚠️

During that year, I worked as a high school teacher at a local international school here in Santa Marta.

For a sports event, each class designed their own team shirts.
9th and 10th grade Prof of World History

And what a year it has been! The high school drama is a never-ending stoooooooooryyyyyyyyy. La-la-la la-la-la la-la-la.

But now with a high international vaccination rate and a rising need for ESL teachers all around the world, it's time to continue the TESOL course! I have a bunch of new classroom anecdotes from my 20th and last year as a classroom teacher. 🤓

I'm happy to announce that we're opening our doors to TEFL Trainees starting this summer in July. Come on over,

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