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Cutting the Red Ribbon ✂️

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Hello internet! I'm Pete, the Head Trainer of TEFL Colombia. Along with our partners, associates and investors, I'd like to thank you for coming to this joyous event, our ribbon cutting for TEFL Colombia!

👏::clapping and cheering:: 👏:

As you've noticed, this isn't live. ‍Five of us, at 6 feet apart holding a super long red ribbon as our CEO cuts the rope in the middle, all of us with our facemasks on, makes for terrible pictures. But rather, this way everyone reading this post at any time is part of our ribbon cutting event. Welcome! 🤩

🎤 ::I'm kind of short so I have adjust the microphone stand::

OK, that's better. Well, we'd all rather err on the side of caution during a global pandemic and keep up with international and local regulations, than hope all will be well and not take proper precautions. Hope isn't a good strategy.

Our reopening is missing its due pomp and circumstance but we're keeping it low key and low contact for everything. This means regulating the number of students during our teacher practices, regulating the number of trainees are allowed per month and maintaining adherence to all biosecurity protocols. Our slight inconvenience is a small price to pay to keep all of our friends and family safe. 👪

That being said, we're happy to be able to continue doing what we love! The demand for certified EFL teachers was at an all time high pre-pandemic. For the last couple months (as of October) we've noticed that schools, language centers and placement agencies are starting to hire teachers again. So let's do this! 💪

I'm very happy to be a part of TEFL Colombia after working for TEFL Ethiopia in Holeta, Shewa Zone, Oromia and at the HQ of TEFL International in Ban Phe, Thailand. Here in Colombia we have the Latin-American/South American/Caribbean culture, unique in it's music, dancing and close interpersonal relationships, even with strangers. Regardless of not being able to kiss and hug everyone you meet anymore, as is the norm in most of the region, you still feel people's warmth, love and empathy through their treatment and care. 💛💛💛💙💙❤️❤️

Alrighty, in conclusion, you can expect a great course, 100% job hunting support with possible job placement (details apply), and a network of great people helping each other throughout the years. We have friends in every continent except Antarctica. 🌎🌍🌏

I don't think the penguins mind though. 🐧🚫

Thanks for coming to our virtual ribbon cutting event! We appreciate your participation in moving your eyeballs across a screen. 😄

So without further ado...

✂️::snip snip:: ✂️

👏::all clap::👏

Thanks again for coming! You're all welcome to coffee, cookies and some amazing arequipe treats made by Doñá Lola down the str

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