Trainee Testimonials


Kimberly Shumaker


I learned and had more fun that I hoped for.  You’re an inspiration.  Thank you!

Phyo Paing Oo.jpg

Phyo Paing Oo


You gave us what we really needed for our career and you changed our paradigm of teaching completely.  Thanks a lot for everything!

Leigh Swenson.jpg

Leigh Swensen


Hey Pete! You were fantastic and your support was great! You made this challenging course all the more enjoyable. Keep in touch!

Mbah Kingsley.jpg

Mbah Kingsley


Pete, you’ve got the dream! I owe you so much appreciation. You turned an adventure into a reality. I’ll never forget the wonderful time in your classroom

Julia Peetz.jpg

Julia Peetz


Thank you for a great month! I had a blast and it's as challenging as it is awesome.

Andy Hurst.jpg

Andy Hurst


It was 2013 and I was your typical traveller in Hat Yai, Thailand. I was looking for a teaching job, but without any previous TEFL experience my prospects weren't great. Pete must have seen something in me as he was willing to take a shot on this inexperienced young guy.

He gave me personalised one on one training sessions before my first day in the school. Pete gave me tips on how to maximise student talking time, plan lessons and successfully manage a classroom and so much more. And some of the advice translated into genuine good life skills as well.

He knew his stuff, in fact his level of knowledge was astounding, and his teaching style was fantastic. He had a wicked sense of humour and a way of explaining complex ideas in a simplistic way that meant the information has stuck in my mind even to this day!

I would 100% recommend Pete to anyone wanting to teach in a foreign country. Easily the best boss and teacher I've ever had.

Josalyn Saffer.jpg

Josalyn Saffer


Pete was hands-down one of the most passionate and professional English teachers I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. He is what every teacher (and teacher trainer) should be: creative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, patient, interesting, and interested. He knows how to light a fire within the teachers he trains, to show them why this work is so important. He educates teachers on unique and effective tools for instilling a love for language and he challenges you to find your true potential. This is turn creates a ripple effect, where teachers he's trained are able to impact the students they teach in life-changing ways. 

Sina Pohl.jpg

Sina Pohl


Thank you Pete for great lessons and training! And thank you for your eternal patience, understanding and for your friendly advice. 

Katrina Jesuitas-Suann.jpg

Katrina Jesuitas


Simply – the best.