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Job&Volunteer Experiences

At our TEFL academy, we go beyond training; we empower. Explore our diverse range of career and volunteer opportunities where you not only teach English, but also make a lasting impact worldwide. Join us to unleash your potential and become a catalyst for change, one classroom at a time.

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Available for qualified alumni with currently 29 locations around the globe, the TEFL International network allows our alumni access to coveted destinations and job opportunities. ​Upon graduation of the TESOL course, alumni get access to TEFL Colombia's job forum and the Job Placement Assistance Program.  There are many teaching opportunities in varied age groups here in Colombia and all over South America if you decide to stay locally. ​For teaching positions in Asia, like South Korea, Thailand, Japan and China, we have direct contact with schools and hiring agencies waiting for our TESOL grads. ​With over 30 years of experience in the ESL industry, our international network is your foot in the door.

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Making a difference!


Every month trainees have the opportunity to participate in our monthly English Day, in which we organize a day of fun in English for schools and orphanages in low income areas. ​Current short to long term volunteer programs include:- Multiple positions in Bule Secondary School, Ethiopia- Volunteer teacher in Hagere Maryam Orphanage, Ethiopia- Volunteer teacher in Santa Marta, Colombia- Volunteer teacher in Rayong, Thailand- Volunteer teacher in Phnom Phen, Cambodia- More opportunites to make a real difference coming soon!

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